POS hardware vendors Malaysia

Why POS Hardware is The Solution

A powerful solution to make your business fast and easy such as the POS hardware vendors Malaysia. Most businesses today, such as retail, F&B, and service have POS hardware. What is POS hardware and why do we need it, you ask? Let’s dive into it now.

Traditionally, people used to utilize the cash register to accept payments in stores. However, technology is constantly evolving. Thus, upgrades and new functions are added almost every week so that people can enjoy smooth processes. A POS system or Point-of-Sale is software and hardware. It is the part where clients are ready to make their purchases. Hence, the POS system is the hardware and software that helps you make those sales. Additionally, the POS system is used to make your business more manageable and simple to navigate. 

Today, POS systems have become digital and modern. In other words, customer checkout can happen anywhere. The only things you need are your POS application as well as an internet connection and a device such as your phone or your tablet. Also, in small businesses, a POS system helps you keep track of your sales and allows you to accept payments smoothly. It functions differently and depends on the place you are doing your business, such as online or a physical store. 

Commonly, you only need the software. POS hardware is necessary when you have a big business, such as a restaurant or a fast food chain. This helps you keep track of your sales. If you have a small business, such as an online store, you only need the software then your sales can happen on your website which is already convenient.  

Some common types of POS hardware include: 

  • Register: calculate and process customers’ transactions
  • iPad or tablet: this type of hardware is portable and a good option apart from a monitor. Provided with a stand, your staff can easily access this hardware. 
  • Credit card reader: This type of POS hardware allows your customers to conduct payment by credit cards, such as with Apple Pay or a chip card. 
  • Cash drawer: some people aren’t used to using contactless payment, such the elderly. Hence, it’s always good to be prepared. 
  • Receipt printer: this allows customers to examine what they have bought, when, and how much the total amount was. 

The process is also fairly quick and simple. 

  • Customers choose the products they’d like to purchase
  • POS system calculates the price
  • Customer conduct payment
  • POS is settled

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