What procedures should your medical assistant perform?

Does your office or clinic have a guide that specifies the processes and procedures of each of the members of your work team? It is one of the things that you should not overlook, as it will allow you to detail the functions and obligations of the employees, as well as the way in which they should be carried out.

And the medical assistant is precisely one of the main figures who must follow this procedure guide to the letter.

If you do not know what the main responsibilities of a medical assistant should be, we will mention them below:

Organize patient files for the entire week. In the case of first-time patients, this must be indicated in a separate file. Later you must arrange them in order of consultation even for babies.

You will need to confirm the appointments for the week. In case there is no confirmation, it is convenient to notify the doctor to try to contact you by other means.

The medical assistant must keep and arrange the records of the patients who were seen the day before in the same file cabinet, but in alphabetical order.

Another important task is to verify that there are enough first-time registration sheets, as well as other documents with information of interest to patients: control sheets for diets, exercise, and recipe books.

In the event that the appointment schedule is saturated and a patient requires urgent attention, you must notify the doctor to find a solution.

In the case of patient treatment, medical assistants should also comply with a welcoming protocol each time a person enters the clinic facilities:


This protocol can consist of:

Welcome and ask if you have an appointment or are coming for the first time.

  • Offer a drink.
  • Provide a quality survey.
  • Another good idea is to provide newsletters with current and relevant health information.
  • At the exit:
  • Ask how the consultation seemed to him and if he will schedule a new appointment.
  • If this is the case, the date and time of the next appointment must be noted on the card.
  • Finally, you must charge and give the farewell greeting.
  • Take care that your medical assistant complies with the above specifications and achieve the excellence of your clinic together.

Process of certification

A medical assistant license is commonly known as certification in the health care community with kursus pembantu perubatan di malaysia. Although not required in most states, certification as a medical assistant is preferred by many employers. Several organizations offer physician assistant certification, including the American Association of Medical Assistants, National Healthcareer Association; National Center for Competency Testing, and American Medical Technologists.


Although some states and employers will provide on-the-job training, formal education is required to become a certified medical assistant. States differ, however, in what kinds of programs are required. An associate degree is required in states like Alabama and Arkansas, for example. The Alaska program results in a certificate for successful completion and California universities will issue a medical assistant diploma. Courses are taught both online and in classroom settings. External associations ranging from 180 to 240 hours are a standard part of the programs.


The featured courses for medical assistant certification are focused on office tasks and patient care. The standard curriculum includes pharmacology, medical terminology, billing, and medical coding, as well as anatomy. Learning fundamental diagnostic testing processes reduces infection in a healthcare institution and conforms with local, state, and federal standards, all of which are common in training programmes.

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