unifi broadband package from jomapply

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As we’re living in this fast-paced modern generation, we are constantly keeping up with the changes in technology, as well as going through upgrades and latest innovations, ranging from futuristic PC to a faster and smoother internet connection. Being part of the post-pandemic era, most people are now relying so much on the internet as the pandemic has left people depending on the online platform to do their work or online schooling. Hence, getting an appropriate broadband package that fits one’s usage is important for home or business work. Unifi broadband package from JomApply promotes some affordable packages, therefore you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to pay for expensive internet every month.

unifi broadband package from jomapply

What packages are available?

The unifi broadband package from JomApply provides two options: Home or Business. 



For the home package, you will get Unifi Basic Internet at 30mbps speed with unlimited download. The upload speed for this package is at 10mbps and you will also receive free UniFi PlayTV Lite, where you watch it everywhere via the mobile apps. However, this package is not included with the UniFi PlayTV Box and a dect phone, as this package only provides the basic necessity for web surfing. Unifi Basic Internet also has a TM Fix Line Rate at 20sen per minute, as well as Mobile Rate at 20 sen per minute too. Since it is mostly used at home, therefore this basic internet is suitable for casual online activities like scrolling through social media, playing casual online games, watching movies and TV Shows, and chatting with family members and friends. So, if this package resonates with you, you can get it at RM89/monthly.



Moving on to the business plan, the Unifi broadband package for business range from 100mbps to 800mbps, where you can opt to get add-ons for unlimited data, calls and SMS for as low as RM99 per month. The business broadband package not only provides a good internet connection for an online business or for work-from-home sessions, but the Unifi broadband business package will also provide free mesh Wi-Fi Deco Mg Plus which is worth RM999! One of the most highly recommended business packages is the 100mbps package, however, you can opt to get a faster-downloading speed depending on your needs and usage. 

With an upload speed of 50 Mbps, you can upload documents at ease and at a faster rate compared to the home package. Faster uploading speed makes it easier for working or schooling individuals to upload their work documents on time, especially urgent documents. For every downloading speed package (100 Mbps to 800 Mbps), you will receive a dect phone, Simple Voice Plus 30, and Beyond Call Rates – all for a 24-month contract. By purchasing the Unifi business package, you can less TM Fixed Line Rate at 3sen per minute, with 12sen per minute to mobile and other Fixed Lines. Moreover, you can enjoy free calls that are worth RM30! Business or heavy job activity-wise, Unifi Exclusive Membership for Business Package is the one for you. You can purchase your desired package from as low as Rm169/monthly.

unifi broadband package from jomapply

Why Unifi Broadband Package from JomApply?

One sentence: It is cost AND time-saving! By applying for Unifi Broadband Package from JomApply, not only will you invest in good quality internet services at an affordable price rate, you will not have to worry about upfront payment or hidden fees as Unifi Broadband Package from JomApply does not have those. So, the payment and choosing package process is transparent, meaning you will be thoroughly informed about the chosen package, along with your contract. Also, if you run into any trouble or have inquiries about the internet services and packages provided, you can find them at ease through live chat, hotline and email. 

Another benefit of applying unifi broadband package from JomApply is that, if you happen to be a long-standing and loyal customer, you will receive upgrade deals where you can save up to RM200. 


So, if you have been planning to get an internet package, you can consider an affordable option by checking out unifi broadband package from JomApply. Various internet service packages to choose from depending on your needs, be it residential or business, and you can also enjoy loyalty benefits when you subscribe to the Unifi broadband package for a period of time.


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